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Appraisal Services

Carmel Appraisal Service, Reed & Chris Bartron, 624-4725
Mark Askew, Real Estate Appraisers, 625-2429
Gerald Enders, Independant Real Estate Research, 372-3181
Steven Gile Appraisal Services, Steven Gile, 772-0456

Architectural and Construction Services

Ann Breemer, Landscape Designer, 726-1123
Anthony Giammanco Construction and Design, 375-4366
Benevides Design group, Sam Benevides, 655-1763
Flesher + Foster Architects, Gretchen Flesher, 375-4868, www.flesherfoster.com
Holdren + Lietzke, Craig Holdren, 649-6001, www.hl-arc.com
Hovick Design, Nick Hovick, 236-7181, www.hovickdesign.com
Rick Steres Architect, 646-1131, www.ricksteresarchitect.com
San Juan Pools of Monterey, Domenico Garneri, 601-4128, www.sjpofmonterey.com

Cabinetry and Kitchen Design

Kitchen Studio of the Monterey Peninsula, Seaside, 899-3303, www.ksmonterey.com
Pacific Grove Millworks & Glass, Sand City, 392-1229
Dustin Bell Fine Cabinetry and Woodworking, Seaside, 238-6039
California Closets, Grace Feldeisen, Carmel, 620-0146


Day Electric, Pacific Grove, 375-0223
Macaluso Electric, Seaside, 394-6600
Currence Electric, Del Rey oaks, Emergency Generators, 394-8697
Synergy Solar, Brad Slama, 901-6667, www.synergysolarca.com
Vertex Media Systems, (Audio, Video, Home Theater and Lighting), 915-2709, www.vertexmediasystems.com

General Maintenance

The Carmel Guild, James Johnston, Carmel, 809-2041
The Handi Person: John Berard, Monterey, 649-5542
Carpet cleaning, Barry's Carpet Service, 644-0707, www.barryscarpetservice.com
Rod Bartz Appliance Service, 241-1118

Heating & Cooling & Chimney Sweeps

Enviro-temp, A/C & heat equipment operation and repair, Pacific Grove, 372-6553
Fireplace Systems Inc & Coast Building Products, Salinas, 757-1089
Nichols Heating, Sand City, 393-3470
Keystone Chimney Sweeps, Patrick Foster, Monterey, 373-6088
Morrill and Forbes Chimney Sweeps, Carmel, 625-1034

Home Inspection

World Inspection Network, Robert Vierra, 637-2194, www.wini.com
BDM Property Services, Bruce McBride, 624-3610
Doug Leach home Inspection, Doug leach, Carmel, 625-4421
Precision Home inspection, Loren Lauderback, 643-2678
American Leak Detection, Pool & Plumbing Division 408-842-5325, www.americanleakdetection.com

Interior Design and Home Furnishing Services

Jordan Design crew, Cheryl Neumann, 620-1741, www.jordandesigncrew.com
Charles Gruwell Design Studio, Charles Gruwell, (702) 270-6666, www.charlesgruwelldesign.com
Lenow Hill Interiors, Lisa St. Mary, 915-9798, www.lenoxhillfurnishings.com
Poppletons Furnishing and Design, Stephanie Steele, Monterey, 649-3083, www.poppletonshome.com
Westin Heavenly Beds, (877) 777-5418, www.westin-hotelsathome.com
Vanishing Screens Unlimited, Mark Rossow, 809-0196
Vertex Media Systems, (Audio, Video, Home Theater and Lighting), 915-2709, www.vertexmediasystems.com
Decor Carmel, Howard Holt, (Home staging), 869-9168
Scarlett's Design (Home Staging), Scarlett Rogers, 393-9953

Landscaping and Garden

Ann Breemer, Landscape Designer, 726-1123
Better Gardens, Doris Mitchell, 484-7018, 595-5205
Bokay Nursery, Salinas, 455-1868, www.bokaynursery.com
Clay Brown Tree Service, 633-3177 (tree stump removal)
Urban Lumber Jacks, Salinas, 373-0149 (tree trimming services)
Hernandez gardening, Salinas, 262-8574 (general gardening)

Painting and Plaster

Ed Prue Painting, Seaside, 899-7783
John O'Keefe Painting, 659-0612
Rick Tuscany Wallcovering and Painting, Marina, 883-4007
Nine Star Drywall, 635-0710
North County Plastering, 633-0190
San Andreas Drywall, 636-3096
Williams Painting, 899-1349
Ultimate Garage Floors, Jeff Cecilio, Sand City, 899-3822, www.ultimategaragefloors.com

Pest Inspection and Control

Ailing House Pest Control, Carmel, 624-8211, www.ailinghouse.com
Cypress Termite, Carmel, 372-1972
Gardener's Friend Inc, Sand City, 394-4344 (control of oak moths and garden rodents)


American Leak Detection, Pool & Plumbing Division 408-842-5325, www.americanleakdetection.com
C & D Plumbing, Salinas, 442-3999
Del Rey Fine Plumbing and hardware Showroom, Seaside, 899-2525, www.delreysupply.com
Ferguson, Bath Kitchen and Lighting Gallery Showroom, Seaside, 394-7469, www.ferguson.com
Nichols Plumbing and Heating, Sand City, 393-3470
Weimer Plumbing, Seaside, 899-9388

Septic Service

PSTS Peninsula Septic Tank Service, Carmel Valley, 659-2465, www.psts.net
Toms Septic Construction, Salinas, 633-2321, www.tomsseptic.com
Toms Septic and Greenline, Salinas, 649-6388


Ross Roofing, Sand City, 394-8581
Williams Roofing, Castroville, 375-3890

Tile and Stone

Giustiniani Masonry, Sand City, 899-3592 (marble & granite)
Turturici Stone Restoration, Stone Care Specialist, Carmel, 375-8440, www.stonerestoring.com
Tileco, Tile and Stone showroom, Monterey, 647-8453, www.tilecodist.com
Tom Richards Installations, Solid Surface Specialists, Monterey, 655-0366, www.trisurfaces.com

Utility Providers

AT&T Communications (phone), 800-288-2020
Cal Am Water Service, 888-422-5261
Charter Communications (cable), 888-438-2427
Comcast (cable), 800-266-2278
Culligan (water softner), 755-0500
Dassel Petroleum (propane), 888-327-7357
Peninsula Pool Service, 373-7557
PGE Pacific Gas and Electric, 800-743-5000
Monterey County Herald Newspaper, 800-688-1808
Waste Management (garbage), 800-321-8226

Window and Glass

Denny's Glass, Seaside, 394-1037
Screen Mobile, 763-9275
Ted Ponton Glass, Salinas, 758-0609
Bay View Window Cleaning, 655-5492
Transparent Glass Coatings, Soquel, 476-9627


Auto Week on the Monterey Peninsula

Automoblia Monterey: International Expo www.automobiliamonterey.com
Carmel by the Sea Concours on the Avenue www.carmelconcours.com
Concorso Italiano: A Celebration of Italian Style www.concorso.com
Concours d'LeMons: Celebrating the Oddball, Mundane and truly awful of the Automotive World www.concoursdlemons.com
McCall Motorworks Revival, Monterey Jet Center www.mccallevents.com
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance www.pebblebeachconcours.net
The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, Quail Lodge, Carmel Valley www.quaillodgeevents.com
Touchless Car Cover, 877-882-4110, www.touchlesscarcover.com
Ultimate Garage Floors, Jeff Cecilio, Sand City, 899-3822, www.ultimategaragefloors.com


Passionate Cravings by Ron Benedetti, 484-6957

Event Services

Colette's Weddings, Colette Cuccia, 626-0643, www.colettecuccia.com
Donna Jett, Event Consultant, 394-3468
Evans & Johnson, Meeting and Event Management, 655-9924, www.evans-johnson.com
Illusions of Grandeur, Staging and Props, 899-5488
Interactive Wedding Invitations, Steven Powers, 206-3579, www.becausewemust.com

Hair Stylists

Robin Smith, Robin Smith Hair Design, Monterey, 372-3131
Kelly Derian, Robin Smith Hair Design, Monterey, 372-3131


Robert Knight Photography, Robert Knight, 643-2184
Taro Photography, Gina Taro, 596-1986
Robin Ward Photography, Robin Ward, 521-0904

Web Design/Development

Derian Design

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